Arduino UNO Case / Wall Mount

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Licensing: Attribution - Share Alike - CC BY - SA
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: Delta RepRap
3D Software: Blender
Layer Height: 0.1
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This is a case / wall mount for the Arduino UNO. This object is inspired by the rise of "home kit" devices, such as, GE Z-wave devices or Smart Things. This specific object has been designed with the Smart Things Arduino Sheild in mind and has ample space for the Smart Things Arduino Shield (though it is not pictured in any of the pictures). The object is designed as case that can be mounted to a wall and function as a custom device for use in your home (depending on what the Arduino is programmed to do). Ideally, one would customize the case cover STL in a way that would be sufficient for what the Arduino is programmed to do.

The case is composed of three parts - a bottom, middle, and cover. The bottom part of the case is the housing for the Arduino. There are two screw holes near the center of the bottom part, which can be used to mount the case to the wall. Flathead screws with a head size of 3 mm (the amount of room between the "floor" and the Arduino) or less are suggested for use. Additionally there are screw holes to mount the Arduino to the case. The next part is the middle part. At this time, the middle part must be super glued to the bottom because of the difficulty of printing a layer over the external ports of the Arduino. This part of the case is used to hold the breadboard, which utilizes ledges to hold the breadboard above the Arduino and including room for wires to pass by the edges up to the breadboard. The case is designed for a 400 point breadboard. The last part of the case is the cover. This particular cover is more of a "demo" cover that has holes for two buttons and two LEDs. The cover has legs that rest above the breadboard and fit together with the rest of the case with some tension.

The entire print is approximately 53 grams of filament, which costs about $1.59. There are no exact commercial equivalents to this design but there are Arduino UNO enclosures (which don't include room for a breadboard like this design does) that cost as low as $4.50. This equates to a savings of $2.91 or 64.67% compared to purchasing an enclosure.


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