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Heliostat is a device which points at Sun so that it could be used so track the solar power through Solar Panel.
The solar panel holder and stand was designed on Openscad. Arduino was interfaced with the photoresistor used as a sensor to track the sun light. Arduino moves the servos connected to it such that the solar panel points to the sun. The coding and Wiring part was inspired from other sun tracker project on instructables. From that sun tracker I had built a Heliostat. The instructable link is given below.

For making a big Heliostat from the same design the Desginer needs to just scale up the design. Same arduino circuitary will work fine except the servo motor and a servo motor driver needed for that. If the servo motor and driver needed for that are bought such that they are low cost and still can handle the weight of the heilostat the project will end up being a low cost project. For the scaled up set up the motor should be connected to a gear assembly or a single gear with bearings on both sides of the solar panel holder and that should work fine. The list of material I used can be viewed on the appropedia page link given below.

Instructions for glueing the printed parts ae given below:
1. Circular part(X-Y mount stand) printed out is the base for the stand 3d model glue them together.
2. Glue the servo motors on horizontal and vertical servo motor holders(X-Yservomotormount).
3. On the stand another circular stand has to be superglued so that the horizontal servo motor can be glued nice on top of it.
4. On top of the motor another circular disc has to be glued on which eventually the vertical motor stand(Y-Zservomotormount), vertical motor holder(X-Yservomotormount), and  solar panel shaft holder(Right support) are glued together.
5. Glue shaft(panel support) and the solar panel holder(SoloarPanelorMirrorHolder) together and fit it with the vertical servo motor and the shaft holder.
6. Glue the sensor holder on top of solarpanel holder as shown in the image below.

If the senser are calibrated for low and high level input based on whether there is sun light or not then the arduino could be programmed to go on low power mode or stand by for the night and then start tracking sun as soon as sun rises this could effectively save power. For implementation see arduino library page for calibration and input data from ADC.


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