Bigtreetech SKR mounting bracket for Duplicator i3 / Maker Select / etc

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A simple mounting bracket for the new Bigtreetech SKR 32-bit control board as a replacement for the stock Melzi board in a Wanhao Duplicator i3 type printer. 

Mounting holes are 2.7mm ID and should easily self-tap with M3 screws. If you print this in PLA and find that the mounting bosses snap off, try printing it with a slightly higher extrusion temperature. 

I secure this kind of bracket in my Di3 v2.1 with double-sided tape, fwiw. 

The high current terminals will be less than 1cm from the wall of the control box, so be careful, but i think it should fit OK anyway. 

I am not certain whether an external bed mosfet is really necessary with the SKR. The onboard part is rated at over 200 amps and has a very low RDS-On. The power inlet terminal and the bed output terminal on the SKR are better than the onboard connectors on the Melzi. I guess only time will tell. Should be easy to put together a 2nd bracket that holds a mosfet, an SD card extension cable, and maybe a raspberry pi too. 


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