DSLR Automated zoom mount

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Licensing: Public Domain (Unlicense)
Infill: 35%
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: MOST Delta
3D Software: FreeCAD
Layer Height: 0.15mm
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Download stl

Download stl


This aims at providing a way to automate zoom on DSLR manual lens. The main drive for this project is to allow completly autonomous camera control through software.

This uses a NEMA 17 stepper motor mounted with 4x 10mm M3 bolts. A standard skate bearing is held in place with a 1 inch 5/16 bolt. Currently the banding is a #121 O-Ring but I hope to switch to a timing belt to help engage the lens better.

1. Place timing belt or O-Ring into bearing holder slot.
2. Install Bearing and 5/16 bolt to hold it in place.
3. Install stepper motor.
4. Place timing belt or o-ring around the stepper.
5. Mount camera to the plate with the lens going through the loop

Estimated 112 grams. ~4 hr print on MOST delta at 110 mm/s


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