Chessbot Monster Transforming Chess Set

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The battle has raged on for centuries. How will it end, on the field of strategy or in the grapple of combat? Only you can decide.
Finally the original Chessbot Hero has a worthy opponent. This new robot assembles in a different and unique way to the original.

* Form the body by sliding the tabs on the king and queen into the other and sliding.
* From the head by taking the two "F" pawns and mating them base-to-base.
* Slide the 4 "A" pawns into the body to form shoulders and legs.
* Slide the head into the slot at the base of the king.
* Join the "B" pawns to the knights base-to-base.
* Join the rooks to the legs to form feet.
* Join the Bishops to the shoulders and the knight/pawn arms to the bishops.
* Pose and play.