Universal Pellet Extruder - RepRap 3DP by RichRap

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Hi Everyone, this is my design for a open-source, Universal plastic pellet /granular material extruder for RepRap (and other) 3D printers.   It's aimed as an open community project, so please get involved, share, develop and enhance the design process. Make upgrades and share both files and experiences so we can make a really good low cost solution for pellet based 3D printing.

Bill of Materials
Just a basic BOM at the moment, most is obvious by looking at the files, and pictures.    Print out parts  Use M4 screws to connect the body parts.  M3 screws for locking in the J-head nozzle and also the motor.   Two designs are uploaded - One using an earlier NEMA17 motor (5mm Shaft), and another one for a Planetary gearboxed NEMA17 - output shaft is 8mm (NEMA23 type)


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