Craftbot Front Panel Kit

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Licensing: Attribution - Non Commercial - CC BY - NC
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Infill: 20%
Slicer: Kisslicer
Printer Used: Craftbot
3D Software: Solidworks
Support Material: No
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The front panel is used in conjunction with a top cover to enclose the Craftbot build area and make ABS and other higher tempurature materials printing possible.  With a top cover and this front panel I can get the bed up to 90C.

Included are STL's and source SLDPT files for two parts.  The lower pieces are identical, 'front panel support.SLDPT'.  The upper piece, 'front panel latch.SLDPT' is provided in two configurations, one mirrored.  Individual STL files as well as combined STLs in a few print options are provided.  

Brimpads or circular pads added to the model corners to ensure good adhesion during the print were needed to print this in ABS.  If the part corners are lifting and ruining your print try these files instead.  Brimpads are included in the SLDPT files, but suppressed, simply unsuppress them if you want them.  Also included is an untested support under the latch lip, I was able to print this without support and minimal sagging.  

You also need a sheet of acrylic available at your local hardware store.  I was able to get a piece 11"x14"(281mmx357mm) for about $4.25US.  This is the minimum size required.  If you can't find this you'll have to buy one larger and cut to your ideal size.  

Measure approximately 21mm from the bottom of the acrylic sheet and 25mm from either side and place a mark with a permenant marker.  Using the cyanoacrylate of your choice, Superglue, Krazyglue, etc..., glue the two supports to the opposite side of the acrylic with the top surfaces aligned to these marks.  Ensure they are straight and level.  Let set for a few minutes.  

Place the acrylic panel on the Craftbot, resting the supports on the bottom of the front opening. Using the permenant marker make two marks on the acrylic where the top edge of the Craftbot openening concides and two where the sides of the opening coincide.  Remove the panel and glue the two latch parts as shown in the photos, lining them up with the marks.

Let glue set for 10 minutes and test your panel.  If the latches are rough and difficult to push in you may need to sand the angled surface of the latch.  If it doesn't hold reliably you may need to clean up the flat surface of the latch, some stringing can occur here if it is unsupported during printing.  

Wipe off permenant marker with alcohol.