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My modifications to the Made in Space wrench.

Made in Space sent a 3D printer to the international space station. Then when they needed a torque wrench up there they e-mailed them the designs for one that they could print themselves. And it worked.   But the original design suffered from a number of small flaws, as are normal for the first iteration of anything. For one, it could only tighten. For another thing it didn't have the Made In Space guy's name on it anywhere.   For the first problem this iteration features a removable center block which can be printed separately and snaps into the ratchet. To tighten insert it from the top. To loosen insert it from the bottom.   For the second problem I put the Made In Space guy's name on it. I also made the teeth more angled. I don't know if that was a good idea but I did it anyways.   Make sure you are wicked calibrated so you don't get things running into each other.