Cat6e Shielded Audio Endpoints

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Licensing: Attribution - Share Alike - CC BY - SA
Layer Height: .1
3D Software: OpenScad
Printer Used: Athena
Infill: 75%
Slicer: Cura
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Download stl


The device allows for 4 channels of balanced audio to transfered over a single cat6 cable. Comerical products cost $350. I was able to print this for under $50.

Break down of cost is as follows:
150 Grams of PLA =$3
XLR Male Panel Mount Connectors (x3) =$9
XLR Female Panem Mount Connector (x3) =$9
Shielded Cat6 Panel Mount Connector(x2)=$15
M3 1" Bolt (x8) =$2.50
M2.5 Bolt (x8)=$2.50
M2.5 Nut (x8)= $2.00

1----Gnd Ch 1 
2----Cnd Ch 2 &3
3----Ch 1 +
4----Ch 1 -
5----Ch 2 +
6----Ch 2 -
7----Ch 3 +
8----Ch 3 -


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