Biohazardous Candy Kickbin

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Licensing: Attribution - Share Alike - CC BY - SA
Infill: 15
Slicer: cura
Printer Used: he3d k200
3D Software: freecad, blender
Layer Height: .15
Support Material: Yes
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Location: USA
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Inspired by the retirement of Ron Marcus from the VA hospital, to be filled with jelly beans and put on top of his retirement cake.  Prototyped at the Innovation Lab on the 3rd floor of the Central Public Library in downtown San Diego, CA. (  I have succesfully printed it as small as 33% to as large as 77% of full scale.  I slice it in Cura with support blockers on either side of the kick lever at the bottom, extending up to the lid, with tree supports (experimental).  Carefully remove supports, and gently loosen up the hinges.