Twisted box

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Licensing: Public Domain (Unlicense)
Infill: 15%
Slicer: Qidi Print (Cura)
Printer Used: Qidi X-Plus
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Layer Height: 0.16
Support Material: No
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There are two versions of this box. The exterior is identical in both. In one version, two identically-shaped pieces screw together to form the box. In the other version, the top and bottom are different to give it a taller interior space. To make the first version, print two copies of twisted_box.stl. To make the other version, print one each of twisted_box_top.stl and twisted_box_bottom.stl.

Both versions print well without supports. I printed these in PLA with 0.16 layer height, but that's not critical. I recommend that you print each piece separately and place the Z seam on the inside of the piece, especially if you are using a shiny filament. The exterior will look smoother.

Scaling notes: If you scale the box smaller, you will reduce the clearance I designed between the parts, and they may be too tight to fit properly. If you scale the box bigger, you will increase the clearance, and the fit will be looser.