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Biohazardous Candy Kickbin
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Inspired by the retirement of Ron Marcus from the VA hospital, to be filled with jelly beans and put on top of his retirement cake.  Prototyped at the Innovation Lab on the 3rd floor of the Central Public Library in downtown San Diego, CA....

Reinforced motor mounts with bushing for shaft
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STLs in ZIP archive. These motor mounts adress a couple of issues I had with the "Tronxy x5s reinforced left motor mount by xxdanmurphyxx" and my own counterpart, still contained in ...

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I have a 3M 6502 (medium size) mask and wanted a nice hook to stop it competing with my shop apron. Should be compatible with pretty much any similar respirator / mask.

Display cover for "PV-Box LCD"
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The terminal box of my micro PV system says I have to keep sunlight away from the LC-Display of the integrated "PZEM" powermeter. So I made this. For the "100x100" wall mounted CarpeDiem Energy "PV-Box LCD", Art. No.: 650.016 (

mdrv500 headphone bit
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This piece(s) are the integral part of Sony headphones (MDR-v500). They hold the ear cup/speaker to the headband part.

curtain controller
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Hi there, this file can be use for stepper motor shaft in order to contro curtain

tie down clips
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This clip or wedge will secure ratchet straps to prevent fraying in the wind as you drive. Just secure the ends to the tightened strap and force the wedge to maintain it. Use a cable tie to keep both parts together. Print in vertical position using a brim for stability. This position provides...

Catan Replacement Pieces
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THIS IS NOT MINE! I got this off of Thingiverse cause my printer OS doesn't print SCAD files.

TronXY X5S X-Carriage for MGN12 linear rail
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This is meant to complement my Y-Gantry (and finally align the belts again):[OpenSCAD-only].html or If 's...

Curvy XY-Testshape
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Alters MAKE:'s "2_XY-test.stl" for testing how the printer handles round curves.

Spool Drawer with labelling insert, SD200K
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This is a (dual) spool drawer, customized for the Häfner SD 200 K used by e.g. Dasfilament and FormFutura. A labelling field has been added, but I did not test if the parameters still work. Just compiled that specific STL and printed it unaltered as well as mirrored. Starting point was...

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I did not create this file. I am trying to convert it to .stl

I love you as friends
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It reads "I LOV  YOU " from one angle and "AS FR END " from the other. The reasons there are spaces is because i did not like how the I/E and the ♥/s came out so I am uploading it here as a scad file then downloading it as stl adn editing it in solidworks.

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Clamp for firmware controllers 8 pins This time I did not shoot the video. The assembly is similar to the previous model, the video can be viewed here: And this video is a demonstration of the work of a teaching device for playing a musical drum. ...

Clamp for firmware controllers 4 pins
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Clamp for firmware controllers 4 pins See the video for details: And this video is a demonstration of the work of a teaching device for playing a musical drum.   More information about this musical instrument...

Gear Shift Knob - Peugeot 306
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I made this 3D model of the gear shift knob (pommeau de vitesse), for the Peugeot 306. It fits very well in the metal gear lever.

Stencil Printer
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All details of the manufacture and use - see the video. Unfortunately the video did not work short :) Materials used: Aluminum Extrusion Profile 20x20 mm - Aluminum corner 20x20 mm - Profile end cap 2020 mm - ...

Split HTD3 pulley for TronXY X5S Z axis sync
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Prevents heatbed sagging while Z-motors are unpowered. These pulleys keep the unpowered Z-motors of my TronXY X5S in sync, so I don't have to constantly re-level the heated bed. RPP3-belts (fitting the HTD3-pulleys) were from the bits box - when sourcing new parts GT2 pulleys with 60 teeth and a...