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Rey Mago
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Escaneado con Rangevision 3d Scanners Figura en yeso escaneada sobre plato giratorio.

"Nanohack 2.0" face mask - Lost World Order remix with altered strap mount
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Copper 3d's "solidrim" face mask fits my face pretty good, but the version you can download at (or comes without a logo (or other pattern to increase airflow). Good thing the CC BY-NC 4.0 license allows remixes! As Lost World...

P3Steel SumPanel mount
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After the latest upgrades to my TronXY X5S ( the bits box was full of RepRap components. The main reason for starting building with the P3Steel frame was to put some parts, still too good to be just thrown away, into use again. The panel of the...

P3Steel Version 2.5 RAMPS spacer / offset mount
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As my "v2.5" frame (with motor mounts on the side panels) could not be fitted with toolson's orignal "RAMPS offset mount" I made this in Open SCAD. Materials needed: 4x M3 nut 4x M3 nyloc nut 6x M3x6 2x M3x20

Transformer / PSU holder for Kettler "EX1" exercise bike
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Keeps cables out of the way while moving it. Wanted to move that ergometer without haven to dis- and reconnect the transformer every time (and then fetch it again where I left it). You'll loose half of the maximum cable length, but for me it's easier to leave a 230V extension cord near the TV. ...

Marshall JCM 900 handle cap (remix)
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Rounded the corners of pololevu's "jcm900 Handle endcap" to compensate the "elephant's foot" when printing. Parts shown were printed on Prusa's textured (flexible, removable) steel sheet for visual appeal. These caps fit the "old version" of the amp.

Ethernet cable coupler fixation
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Resolves broken locking hooks. Had to couple some immured LAN cables at a not-that-accessible position. And (of course) those latching tabs were already broken. The SCAD file should be customizable enough to be used with defferent types of couplers. The zip ties should keep everything...

Cordless drill adaptor for "Parametric Music Box"
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Just for fun - the powertool drowns out the music box ;-) Modified wizard23's OpenSCAD code, to use a three-jaw chuck instead of the crank. Music Box: (or, Video shows Bjorndw's "Happy Birthday" version...

End cap for (Reverse-)Bowden-Tubes, customizable
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Made this to improve filament protection from moisture. (It should tighten against unwanted airflow into your drybox.) There is still a meter (or so) unrolled from the spool between my drybox ( and the hot end. And if it stays...

Adjustable Cat Fountain
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Designs for an adjustable cat fountain that uses a small water pump. The design was made for a enamel bowl but can be adjusted for any bowl by editing the .scad code in OpenSCAD. If you don't wish to downlaod OpenSCAD the parts can be customized here: The...

Dual PSU holder for 2020 profiles, made for TronXY X5S
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Holds two 360W power supplies at the back of the frame. To install the "Tronxy X5S Single z motor mod by spegelius" ( I needed to fix those power supplies somewhere to the frame. So I made this. It holds the stock 12V "S-360-12" and a "Maidodo" branded...

"Mk2" TronXY X5S X-Carriage for MGN12 linear rail
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Metal BMG extruder, Hangtight part cooler, threaded E3Dv6 Hot End, matches my Y-Gantry. This replaces my "TronXY X5S X-Carriage for MGN12 linear rail" (which uses an E3Dv5 / "China J-head" hotend, a Prusa-style, ungeared extruder and a Petsfang part cooler =>...

Pencil Holder
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A place to put your pencils and make your desktop a bit more beautiful.

Mechanical Laser Show by AdditiveTech
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The mechanical laser show is a device that projects a pattern by quickly moving a laser. It's hand powered, 3d printed, open source, and free to print. Parts Each part has different print settings: Cams (2) 15% fill, supports, no build plate adhesion I recommend increasing the...

Filament guide for Sanjiu / SANBrother Metal BMG extruder
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UPDATE: The "v4" (blue part in the pictures) was already much tighter, than the (black) stock piece. But it was still not tight enough to print flexibles properly. The "v5" (depicted in copper) should tackle that now. My specimen was printed with a 0.3mm nozzle and 0.35mm line width. You'll...

Filament feed-through for dual pneumatic fitting
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Flanged, to be mounted to wooden panels. Made this to connect the reverse Bowden tube from my old drybox ( to my housing for the X5S. And then guide the filament from there on with another tube to the carriage. ...

Gypsum board to 2020 adaptor
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Used this to mount a bottom panel / low flammability floor panel to my X5S. Makes carrying it a lot easier.

Jack pad for BMW F20 and CMI ZQ20002
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Saw Mark Rehorst's blog post, but realized that the interface of my jack is defferent. So I made this in TinkerCAD ( ). Printed in TPU for toughness.

Nozzle marker / sorter / holder for M6-threaded non-Volcano nozzles
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As I like to keep my nozzles sorted by source, I needed something flexible to adapt to what was in those individual packages. If you want to compile your own, your need => threads.scad Pre-compiled STLs in the ZIP archive.

Fix for snapped cable chain carriers
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Spare part for "TronXY X5S X-Carriage for MGN12 linear rail". If you did put the M3 nuts into the "nut trap for future upgrades" parts, you can use this in case your "Vertical Cable Chain" counterparts snaps off... You'll need two M3 bolts, ~10mm (when pan-head).

Tier Scooter Phone Holder, attaches to the steering column
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*UNTESTED IN THIS VERSION* "Tier" ( just rolled out their electric pedal-scooters (for rent) here and they miss a smartphone holder (to navigate). There is no way to mount something to the handle, so I made this. [EDIT] Things just changed here - holders have been retrofitted....

Canoa Para Tom, Surdo e Caixa Odery Fluence FLU-TSL-P Unitário
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Canoa Odery Canoa para caixa e surdo feito com ABS Podem ser usadas em tons, surdos e caixas. • Distância entre furos de fixação 24mm. • Base para fixar parafuso no casco e a base de borracha. • Suspensas com mínimo contato com casco que resulta...

Biohazardous Candy Kickbin
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Inspired by the retirement of Ron Marcus from the VA hospital, to be filled with jelly beans and put on top of his retirement cake.  Prototyped at the Innovation Lab on the 3rd floor of the Central Public Library in downtown San Diego, CA....

Reinforced motor mounts with bushing for shaft
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STLs in ZIP archive. These motor mounts adress a couple of issues I had with the "Tronxy x5s reinforced left motor mount by xxdanmurphyxx" and my own counterpart, still contained in ...

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I have a 3M 6502 (medium size) mask and wanted a nice hook to stop it competing with my shop apron. Should be compatible with pretty much any similar respirator / mask.

Display cover for "PV-Box LCD"
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The terminal box of my micro PV system says I have to keep sunlight away from the LC-Display of the integrated "PZEM" powermeter. So I made this. For the "100x100" wall mounted CarpeDiem Energy "PV-Box LCD", Art. No.: 650.016 (