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cap that hole
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Customizes covers for holes in surfaces such as countertops, etc. Usage: Enter hole's dimensions: shape (circular/square/rectangular), dimensions, fillet radius. Define cover: overlap, thickness Define plug dimensions: length, clearance Choose if you like to have snaps or fins ...

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Just for fun.

Tiered Jewelry Stand
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Printed in 2 pieces, tiered 'plates' with prongs on the top plate for holding necklaces. For people who don't want to pin their jewelry into something when they put it away. If the prongs are removed from the stand this could be converted into a serving dish.

Batman's Equipment
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The parts I didn't not 3D print for Batman's Equipment is 1/8 diameter steel rod, which I used as dowels for the utility belt, cardboard boxes for the belt pockets, elastic bands I used for the boxes and are also in the mask, and a plastic buckle for the belt. Super glue is and epoxy is needed for...

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3D printable replacements to the typical wax letters utilized at Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival Snow Statue competition. The plastic letters will be reusable, easier to attach to snow than the wax, and are easily scaled to any size with OpenSCAD. For simplicity, the editing SCAD file and all base...

Make Your Own 3Doodler Filament
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I have been thinking about buying the 3Doodler for a while now. The price of the filament was my only concern. So I decided that trying to make my own was the only option. This is how I made my own. Cut a piece of filament from a spool. It  doesn't seem to matter how long as long as you can...

Filament joiner for multicoloured prints
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I wanted to print some multicolored prints but wasn't sure how. After doing some looking around on the web I found a filament joiner on thingiverse. It used a milled aluminum block and a resistor cemented into a hole using heat resistant cement. This seemed like a lot of work and I don't have a...

Pac-Man Power Pill and Fridge Magnets
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These are my copies of the Pac-Man Christmas tree ornaments turned in to fridge magnets. I printed them off then decided to model the missing power pill. After many coats of paint they look fantastic.    The Pac-Man and ghost models are located here. ...