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Personalized USB - customizable flash drive - OSCAR
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This personalized OSCAR shaped USB vas customized at where you can add your own text. This flash drive comes with a key ring so it will always be at your hand. For suitable memory stick visit

APX Series to XTS Series Battery Adapter Cup
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Adapts a XTS series charger to be able to accommodate an APX series battery. Please note that this should only be done if the charger is capable of handling the correct battery chemistry. The equivalent part from Motorola (...

case for sure electronics bluetooth board
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case for sure electronics  SKU:  AA-AB41136  APT-X Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Music Stereo i made the power cable opening go all the way to the top of the box for the option of soldering power wires to pads on the board and still being able  to take it in...

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Heliostat is a device which points at Sun so that it could be used so track the solar power through Solar Panel. The solar panel holder and stand was designed on Openscad. Arduino was interfaced with the photoresistor used as a sensor to track the sun light. Arduino moves the servos connected to...

Adjustable Tablet Stand for use with Bluetoooth Keyboard
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This is a stand for any tablet and bluetooth keyboard combination. Simply print one of each and a mirrored version of each and assemble with a bolt and screw. This is adjustable by using the variables at the top to change length, width, depth, and shell thickness of your print. A typical cheap...

Moto G2 Dock and Cover
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This is a phone dock in which you can put your phone in standalone. Or, you can use the dock with the top part to turn it in landscape mode to watch movies, have facetime or play games on your phone. Plus, this allows you to charge your phone by way of the micro-USB port space. Space for headphones...

Nintendo 3DS XL Stand
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This is a stand for a Nintendo 3DS XL. This would primarily be useful if you wanted to setup your DS to watch Netflix or play a game that mostly required use of the touch pad. As an option you can choose to cut out pieces of rubber and glue them on the faces of the 3DS holder, which will ensure...

Arduino UNO Case / Wall Mount
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This is a case / wall mount for the Arduino UNO. This object is inspired by the rise of "home kit" devices, such as, GE Z-wave devices or Smart Things. This specific object has been designed with the Smart Things Arduino Sheild in mind and has ample space for the Smart Things Arduino Shield (though...

Tablet/Phone Stand
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This is a tablet and/or phone stand. Currently I do not have one and felt it would be necessary as I use my phone and my tablet for watching TV shows and movies quite often (since I don't pay for cable, and don't always have a internet accessible TV around). It's also helpful for reading books or...