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Prototype Blowback Nozzle Prototype Blowback Nozzle

A very early design of a reciprocating blowback system based off of WE's open bolt design. Is a proof of concept for alternate system integration down the road.

3D Printable Ping Pong Paddle 3D Printable Ping Pong Paddle

Completely 3D printable ping pong paddle. The handle is removable so different handles or paddles can be interchanged. The paddle can be either 3D printed and have rubber attached or can be taken from an existing paddle. Attachments for both are included. Savings is approximately $5.00 plus you...

Lego 1x4 Gear Rack Lego 1x4 Gear Rack

Here is  a lego 1x4 gear rack for 3d printing.  Note: This design was not my own doing but upload here for conveinince.

Gear, Lego, Rack
Hena from Zelda: Twilight Princess Hena from Zelda: Twilight Princess

A special request for a YouTube user Ryotaiku, Hena from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (See resource link for model download source.)

Hena From Zelda, Twilight Princess
Your Own Do-it-Yourself Toy Your Own Do-it-Yourself Toy

The Joenny enter's the animal kingdom. Paint, color, craft, decoupage, and make it your own. Comes with a 4mm square hole in the hand for accessories. You can smooth the model to make it easier to color or just paint with lines on it. Coat with a primer before using permanent marker as marker...

Diy, Toy
3D printable aircraft model 3D printable aircraft model

It's a model for aircraft that can be printed by 3D printer. There are 3 parts, offering enough space for control board and motor as well as all the wires. Also an open window is designed for the control board in order to connect  extra equipments to free pins, for example, a camera. The total...

1UP Incense Holder 1UP Incense Holder

At home, I burn a lot of incense because I enjoy the aroma. But I feel that a lot of incense holders are either really plain and simple, or too elaborate/cheesy. I wanted to make something lighthearted that I could have in my house that would be fun to look at and also be able to hold incense. I...

Tardis Transformer V2 by Ellindsey Tardis Transformer V2 by Ellindsey

This is a tribute to the great Andrew Lindsey. He's a master at creation and I'm halfway through printing this.  Attribution is in reference link #1.

Tardis, Tardis Transformer
Cork Pals: Fishy Fish Cork Pals: Fishy Fish

Cork Pals are toys that utilize 3D printing and recycling. Use a wine cork to connect two 3D printed pieces and there you have it: Fishy Fish is swimming in your bathtub.  Fits over almost every wine cork.  Cork Pals are toys that utilize 3D printing and recycling. Use a wine cork to...

Cork, Cork Pals
Tardis Motion Sensor Alarm Tardis Motion Sensor Alarm

I had a motion sensor for a security system kicking around for a long time. After seeing the Dr Who Tardis model on Thingiverse. I thought the sensor would work well to active a LED in the model. After printing off the Tardis and transplanting the electronics in to it. I would have to say that it...

Dr Who, Motion Sensor, Tardis
Seej Starter Set Seej Starter Set

Seej is an Open-Source tabletop wargame based around 3D printing. This archive contains almost everything you need to start playing Seej. You'll need to supply your own pennies and elastic bands. The recent proliferation of inexpensive filament printers with smaller build platforms requires...

Catapult, Mangonel, Seej, Tabletop, Wargame, Wargaming