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Groviera cheese Groviera cheese

A piece of groviera cheese Un pezzo di formaggio groviera

Cheese, Formaggio, Groviera
Bottle Drying Tree Bottle Drying Tree

Modular tree for drying bottles Base is to be printed once Upper portions that hold bottle can be printed multiple times and secured together with M3x10mm screws

Bread Slicing Guide Bread Slicing Guide

Printable guides to add to a small cutting board, allows for even and consistant slices of freashly baked bread.

Bread, Slicer
Ginger Grater Ginger Grater

Ginger grater design

Customizable Corn Sheller Customizable Corn Sheller

Shelling corn is a chore done by hand in much of the rural developing world. Corn comes in different sizes - and the various DIY shellers are a major chore to make. Here you can either use the customizer app or the OpenSCAD to get the right size of sheller for your crop -- then print in plastic or...

3D Printed Gumball Machine Repaired Using Wood Filler 3D Printed Gumball Machine Repaired Using Wood Filler

I printed a copy of this gumball machine from thingiverse. The print took a total of 24hrs. Everything printed correctly until the final minutes. The top layer was not thick enough and holes materialized. For months the printed model sat idle. Then a...

Gumball, Gumball Machine