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Groviera cheese
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A piece of groviera cheese Un pezzo di formaggio groviera

Bottle Drying Tree
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Modular tree for drying bottles Base is to be printed once Upper portions that hold bottle can be printed multiple times and secured together with M3x10mm screws

Bread Slicing Guide
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Printable guides to add to a small cutting board, allows for even and consistant slices of freashly baked bread.

Customizable Corn Sheller
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Shelling corn is a chore done by hand in much of the rural developing world. Corn comes in different sizes - and the various DIY shellers are a major chore to make. Here you can either use the customizer app or the OpenSCAD to get the right size of sheller for your crop -- then print in plastic or...

3D Printed Gumball Machine Repaired Using Wood Filler
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I printed a copy of this gumball machine from thingiverse. The print took a total of 24hrs. Everything printed correctly until the final minutes. The top layer was not thick enough and holes materialized. For months the printed model sat idle. Then a...