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Euchre Score Board
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This is ment for keeping track of score for Euchre. Saves 9 dollars or more, compared to the other products.

Triangle Peg game
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Growing up I always wanted to take this game with me when my family and I were traveiling.  Now I can.  This design cost me a total of $00.58.  I wasnt able to find a travel version of the game, but the full size would cost $2.69. The rules to the game are attached below.

Paper Pawn Stands
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Print this out, put a folded piece of card stock with the character on it in the stand, and play game. I needed a stand for paper characters in a print and play board game, so I whipped this up in a few minutes. Works great.

Cadence Cyclist Pawn
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This is a pawn in the shape of a bicyclist racer suitable for table top games like Cadance by Tarang Hardikar (see resource link). At size this model has a 1"x2" base, but scales down as much as 50% without losing printability.

Chessbot Hero Transforming Chess Set
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See illustration for assembly help: * Forming the head and body by sliding the queen's tab into the middle of the king and sliding down. * Form shoulders by sliding in the two flat bottomed pawns into the body. * Form feet and legs by mating two of the pawns base-to-base and attaching the...

Charles 'O Perry Inspired Chess Set
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Inspired by the work of Charles O Perry but modified for support-less FDM home 3D printing. This chess set nests into each other and connects together to be it's own carrying case. Stylish but still recognizable. Reportedly only about 300 of the original sets exist because they were hand made, but...

CoinAge Printed Coins Chest
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My kids lost half my CoinAge coins so I decided to make something to keep them in. And what would be more appropriate than a treasure chest? (See the reference link for the coins.) Print the appropriate number of coin age coins, then print this chest to keep them in. Snap the lid on the body. Put...

Chessbot Monster Transforming Chess Set
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The battle has raged on for centuries. How will it end, on the field of strategy or in the grapple of combat? Only you can decide. Finally the original Chessbot Hero has a worthy opponent. This new robot assembles in a different and unique way to the original. * Form the body by sliding the...

Cute Lovecraft Inspired Pawns
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Replacement pawns for any game in a cute lovecraft style.   Hey, you! Wanna play a game? No, put those pieces away. We're gonna play with these... Snakes 'n Ladders? How about "Climb the Mountian of Madness"? Clue? How about "Mystery of the Dunwich House"? Monopoly? More like "Conquest...

Love Letter: Heart Tokens
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Love Letter is a great game. But it's "token of affection" red cubes doesn't look very "affection"y. Why not replace them with this? Print 13 of these tokens and throw those red cubes away. Or, you know, you can use those for whatever you want. It's a heart.

Chinese Chess - Iconified Xiangqi Set
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Chinese Chess set with icons instead of Chinese characters. This set was designed to preserve the shape of traditional sets to allow for playing common variations like Banqi (dark/half chess). The icons were chosen to be easy for western players to learn. The provided board is half a Chinese...

Free Save the Planet Board Game
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Save The Planet Board Game is free and open-source DIY cooperative board game. In the Save the Planet Game you and your family and friends can work together to save the planet to win, while learning how to save the planet in real life. The beginner option is appropriate for children 4 and up and...

Coin Age 3D printed board
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This 3D printed version of the PnP board for Adam P. McIver's Coin Age game ( This board has distinct 3D features for each zone and recessions for coins or 3D printed coin tokens...

3D Printed Coin Tokens
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These coins can be used as replacements for games that use pocket change for tokens. They're designed specifically for Adam P. McIver's Coin Age (, but they can also be use to play other games like...

Squirrel Squabble 3D
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Squirrel Squabble is a 2 player print-and-play board game by Rebecca Bissell. 2 players choose their moves that they'll play against each other to try to collect 5 acorns and return home. Mud pits and bulldog will bar the way and you can squabble with your opponent to try to steal their acorns. ...