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Front plate & external 18650 battery holder for WaveShare Solar Power Manager

This fits the "Solar Power Manager (B)" or "Solar Power Manager (C)". Needed to manipulate the front plate to add an external charging compartment. Details will be added later...

18650, Powerbank, Solar
Square tube bumper

This bumper is meant to fit my european AtomicZombie "Bandito" build - with 30x40mm square tube. Documentation of my build starts at: Original Bandito build tutorial:...

Bike, Bumper, Square Tube
Idler for bike chains

...for my short wheelbase recumbent. These two-part idlers are meant to fit an AtomicZombie "Bandito" build. Documentation of my build starts at: Original Bandito build tutorial:...

Bike, Idler
Wallbox weather protection and cable holder for go-eCharger and EN IEC 62196 Typ

Not for printing - but here are the files anyway... The go-eCharger is 150 mm slim - so can be fitted to the face side of a wall. When we got our BEV, I bolted the "IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Plug dummy connector with hose hanger by rrr" ( ) to the wooden door...

Bent Part, E Mobility, Lasercut, Steel, Type 2, Wallbox
Knurled roll fitting a "Roll-Ka"

Parametric OpenSCAD design of a knurled roller. By default it fits into a Hercules Sägemann "Roll-Ka" ( ). Depicted roll was printed in dasfilament PETG "Metallic Blau".

Comb, Knurled, Roll, Roll Ka
Key ring pillbox, customizable (by default for Ratiopharm IBU / ASS)

"Welcome to adulthood, I hope you like ibuprofen." This container should keep a singled out pill sealed up. The key ring prevents it from sliding out. Tested with "IBU-ratiopharm 400 mg akut" and "ASS-ratiopharm 500 mg". Cut to size with nail scissors. Remember not to carry those fizzy...

Key, Key Fob, Key Ring, Keychain, Pill, Pill Box, Pillcase
Magnetic outlet hose holder for tumble dryers

Parametric, default uses four 10mm NdFeB magnets for a 100mm hose. We needed some way to fix the outlet hose of our tumbler and there is a steel grid barring the cellar window. That could be used for anchoring this hose holder via neodymium magnets. If the window frames are also made of...

Hose, Hose Holder, Tumbler
USB C plug dust cap

Designed for a Würth Elektronik card reader. This one came with a cap for Type A / the card slot, but not Type C. I called some "hull()" functions in OpenSCAD. Should also fit other USB Type C plugs.

Cap, Dust Cap, Usb, Usb C
Slip over phone holder for BMW i3/i3s dashboard, customizable

STL designed for Moto G7 Plus ("Lake") in rubber case. As the BMW i3 instrument cluster is rather small, I made this phone holder. (You still require a big printer to print it in one piece.) Visibility is not optimal, but Deep OBD can re-arrange the dashboard and display something...

Bmw, Dashboard, i01, i3, i3s, Instrument Cluster, Lake, Moto, Motorola, Phone, Phone Holder
Keyfob Case for BMW i3, flat bottom

Occasionally the buttons on these remotes get triggered inside your pocket. MadeOnFilm's model fits my BMW i3s' key, but it needs support when printed upright. And my PETG-print cracked. To get a tougher version I flattened the bottom to change orientation and use flexible (TPE/TPU) filament....

Bmw, Car, i01, i3, i3s, Keyfob, Remote
Mask dryer, jewelry tree style - parametric

...for upcyling beer bottles and some sticks (as well as something to heavy to fill up the rest of the bottle - e.g. sand). This piece uses an old beer bottle as foot and takes up some 6 mm wooden sticks. Code can be customzied in OpenSCAD an re-compiled to your needs. E.g. my printer would...

Beer, Covid 19, Covid Mask, Facemask, Jewelry Holder, Upcycling
Parametric "Recycled CD Case Doll House / Toy Shelves"

Really liked the idea of turning the old pile of slim CD cases into useful toys. Took inspiration from galile0 and the remixes from piep3d and samuele79j. ...didn't really turn out good enough for the kid, though. => Feel free to take up the code and improve it further. ;-) This is for...

Cd Case, Dollhouse, Shelf
Jackpad for BMWs, customizable in OpenSCAD

My previous design didn't work as expected, so I took up Bens_Basement's geometry and startet OpenSCAD, like ecloud did. This upload is meant to fit my CMI ZQ20002 hydraulic trolley floor jack. To get the geometry of Bens_Basement just enter: disc_dia = 50; disc_height = 15; disc_fil_low =...

Bmw, Car, f20, i01, Jack, Jackpad
TronXY X5S CoreXY MGN12 linear rail on 2020 profile conversion with E3D Hemera

Overhauled my previous designs to fit the Hemera and combined them into a single X/Y-axis set. Detailed description at: Update 2021-09-04: v06 Added "CoreXY_Gantry_v06_Tube_Holder.stl" STLs are zipped,...

2020, Corexy, Hemera, mgn12, Tronxy, x5s
Customizable "Ear Saver" strap

After testing multiple "Ear Saver" designs, I found the "Surgical Mask Strap Support by BlackoakStudio", which is shaped by snapping two halfes together, to be the most scalp-friendly. On the other hand I prefer hooks instead of pins to catch the mask straps. And two instead of one catching...

Covid, Ear Saver, Facemask, Mask
Flat nose prevention clip for face masks (shaper, former)

For community masks with fabric ties. While I like the fact, that this style of mask doesn't put pressure behind your ears, it flattens my nose - so I made an addition to alvarosm's clip via OpenSCAD. Note, that the STL is licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, by my code is not.

Covid, Facemask, Mask, Nose Clip
openWB-stamped Raspberry Pi 3 Wall Mount Case

This is a remix of RT3D Workshop's Raspberry Pi 3 Wall Mount Case. Just added the openWB-Logo via OpenSCAD, to use it for openWB Standalone ( Code zipped together with the template - detailed comments there. For the way I mounted it, I recommend...

Openwb, Raspbery Pi, Raspi
Bicycle Kickstand Cap, customizable in OpenSCAD

As no pre-designed cap will ever fit your recently lost rubber foot, here's a version you can parameterize and compile yourself. ;-) The one depicted was printed in dasfilament PLA "Schwarz matt" (matte black).

Bicycle, Bike, Kickstand, Stand
Headrest Double Bag Hooks for BMW i3 / i3s (fixed by shoe laces)

As the BMW i3 has some pretty unique seats, the great "Car Headrest Bag Hooks by muzz64" (inspiration-link) doesn't fit. Luckily I could remix the "Parametric hook with backing plate by ZombieFeynman" (, add the "BMW logo by YusufGP"...

Bmw, Headrest, Hook, i3, i3s
Charge port weather cover for BMW i3 / i3s (I01, Mega City Vehicle)

Meant to reduce water influx and keep snow out My EV is usually parked in the driveway and BMW designed the charging port like the fuel fillers they did before. While I don't doubt, that rain water will find it's way around the contacts, I stumbled upon Tom Moloughney's Blog post and possible...

Bmw, Charge, Ev, i01, i3, i3s, Mennekes, Type 2
Drain repair for Joseph Joseph "Connect" Dish Drainer / adjustable dishrack

Our "Connect" was dropped once and fell onto the water drain. The plastic seems to be unglueable (at least some ASA brim didn't attach to it via cyano acrylate), so I made another drain, that goes under the original one. The idea is that a second part underpins it. That part can be easily...

Connect, Dish Drainer, Josephjoseph
"Nanohack 2.0" face mask - Lost World Order remix with altered strap mount

Copper 3d's "solidrim" face mask fits my face pretty good, but the version you can download at (or comes without a logo (or other pattern to increase airflow). Good thing the CC BY-NC 4.0 license allows remixes! As Lost World...

copper3d, covid19, Face Mask, Lost World Order, Nanohack, Thrash Metal
P3Steel SumPanel mount

After the latest upgrades to my TronXY X5S ( the bits box was full of RepRap components. The main reason for starting building with the P3Steel frame was to put some parts, still too good to be just thrown away, into use again. The panel of the...

Discount Lcd, p3steel, Prusa, Sumpod
P3Steel Version 2.5 RAMPS spacer / offset mount

As my "v2.5" frame (with motor mounts on the side panels) could not be fitted with toolson's orignal "RAMPS offset mount" I made this in Open SCAD. Materials needed: 4x M3 nut 4x M3 nyloc nut 6x M3x6 2x M3x20

p3steel, Prusa, Ramps, Toolson
Transformer / PSU holder for Kettler "EX1" exercise bike

Keeps cables out of the way while moving it. Wanted to move that ergometer without haven to dis- and reconnect the transformer every time (and then fetch it again where I left it). You'll loose half of the maximum cable length, but for me it's easier to leave a 230V extension cord near the TV. ...

Cable Management, Ergometer, ex1, Exercise Bike, Kettler
Handle cap for Marshall JCM 900 (remix)

Rounded the corners of pololevu's "jcm900 Handle endcap" to compensate the "elephant's foot" when printing. Parts shown were printed on Prusa's textured (flexible, removable) steel sheet for visual appeal. These caps fit the "old version" of the amp.

Handle, jcm900, Marshall
Another door hook for "poor man's flip chart" parts

Had to adapt "Poor mans Flipchart V2 by ralfa" (which is a remix of "Poor mans flip chart by hellpower") to the doors at our office. Used OpenSCAD 2019.05 to keep everything customizable.

Flipchart, Graphic Facilitation, Moderation, Office
Ethernet cable coupler fixation

Resolves broken locking hooks. Had to couple some immured LAN cables at a not-that-accessible position. And (of course) those latching tabs were already broken. The SCAD file should be customizable enough to be used with defferent types of couplers. The zip ties should keep everything...

Coupler, Ethernet, Lan, rj45
Remixed toothbrush holder for Oral B

Just wanted to share, what I did with Kistenschieber's forward pass.

Braun, Oral B, Toothbrush
Cordless drill adaptor for "Parametric Music Box"

Just for fun - the powertool drowns out the music box ;-) Modified wizard23's OpenSCAD code, to use a three-jaw chuck instead of the crank. Music Box: (or, Video shows Bjorndw's "Happy Birthday" version...

End cap for (Reverse-)Bowden-Tubes, customizable

Made this to improve filament protection from moisture. (It should tighten against unwanted airflow into your drybox.) There is still a meter (or so) unrolled from the spool between my drybox ( and the hot end. And if it stays...

Bowden Tube, Drybox, Ptfe
Dual PSU holder for 2020 profiles, made for TronXY X5S

Detailed description: Holds two 360W power supplies at the back of the frame. To install the "Tronxy X5S Single z motor mod by spegelius" ( I needed to...

2020, Psu, x5s