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CoreXY Carriage

CoreXY Carriage This is the y-axis carriage for the SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer . The Solidcore printer is an open-source RepRap design by 3D Distributed. The new version also assembles a direct drive extruder. Belt Path The belt path uses the crossed belts mechanical arrangement and has...

Corexy, Corexy Printer
CoreXY Motor Mount

CoreXY Motor Mount This is the new motor mount to the SolidCore 3D Printer. I've been working on a modular and scalable corexy design called the SolidCore for over a year now. The plan is to have a platform or ecosystem of parts that can be used on any 3d printer that uses 2020 frame...

Corexy, Corexy Printer, corexy3d Printer, Motor Mount, Nema 17, nema17