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Tardis Motion Sensor Alarm

I had a motion sensor for a security system kicking around for a long time. After seeing the Dr Who Tardis model on Thingiverse. I thought the sensor would work well to active a LED in the model. After printing off the Tardis and transplanting the electronics in to it. I would have to say that it...

Dr Who, Motion Sensor, Tardis
Make Your Own 3Doodler Filament

I have been thinking about buying the 3Doodler for a while now. The price of the filament was my only concern. So I decided that trying to make my own was the only option. This is how I made my own. Cut a piece of filament from a spool. It  doesn't seem to matter how long as long as you can...

Filament joiner for multicoloured prints

I wanted to print some multicolored prints but wasn't sure how. After doing some looking around on the web I found a filament joiner on thingiverse. It used a milled aluminum block and a resistor cemented into a hole using heat resistant cement. This seemed like a lot of work and I don't have a...

3D Printed Gumball Machine Repaired Using Wood Filler

I printed a copy of this gumball machine from thingiverse. The print took a total of 24hrs. Everything printed correctly until the final minutes. The top layer was not thick enough and holes materialized. For months the printed model sat idle. Then a...

Gumball, Gumball Machine
Pac-Man Power Pill and Fridge Magnets

These are my copies of the Pac-Man Christmas tree ornaments turned in to fridge magnets. I printed them off then decided to model the missing power pill. After many coats of paint they look fantastic.    The Pac-Man and ghost models are located here. ...

Enclosure External Exhaust and Fan

The fumes from my 3d printer have been getting to me lately. I decided to do something about it and exhaust the fumes to the outside of my house using central vac piping. I added an addional fan as the velocity of the 3d printers fan is not that great. The fan was salvaged from an old...

Aquasana Water Bottle Holder

Modeled this for a friend of mine. Hard to print but looks nice and protects the bottle.

Water Bottle Holder