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Mechanical Laser Show by AdditiveTech

The mechanical laser show is a device that projects a pattern by quickly moving a laser. It's hand powered, 3d printed, open source, and free to print. Parts Each part has different print settings: Cams (2) 15% fill, supports, no build plate adhesion I recommend increasing the...

Mechanical Laser Show
Circular Knitic - Open Hardware Knitting Machine

Circular Knitic - Open Hardware Knitting Machine   This is a new commissioned piece for the exhibition DOERS in Etopia curated by David Cuartielles. it will be open from 20th december 2014 to 31th July 2015.  Circular Knitic was created for a program called DOERS, curated by...

Circular Knitic
Universal Pellet Extruder - RepRap 3DP by RichRap

Hi Everyone, this is my design for a open-source, Universal plastic pellet /granular material extruder for RepRap (and other) 3D printers.   It's aimed as an open community project, so please get involved, share, develop and enhance the design process. Make upgrades and share both files and...

Richrap, Universal Pellet Extruder
Make: 2015 3D Printer Shoot Out Test Geometries

Why This Set of Geometries? Each model was designed to carefully probe a single aspect of print quality. While not exhaustive, they test key aspects that are most closely related to perceptions of quality as well as functionality and performance. Each geometry was optimized for minimal material...

Make Test, Test Shootout
eSherpa - First Electrically Driven eTrolley

The eSherpa - the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots! eSherpa is the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots. Strong enough to carry 30 kg uphill and compact enough to be flown back down … Of course there are plenty of other things which eSherpa can...

Esherpa, Etrolley
Tape Applicator

One thing found to be critical to successful bonding of the initial layers is strongly applied tape.  This 3D printed applicator will help ensure strong adhesion of tape on the print bed. Due to the harder edge than that of a credit card, it will also "rough up" the surface slightly, helping...

Tape Applicator
X end for CoreXY

Modification of SAKURA Cube x-end file to be compatible with Carl Raffle 's Alucariage. Part of CoreXY / Makerbot Replicator 1 clone hardware design from 3D Printing Tips & Tricks Google group (See reference links for  3D Printing Tips & Tricks Google group).

Corexy, X End
Cork Pals: Fishy Fish

Cork Pals are toys that utilize 3D printing and recycling. Use a wine cork to connect two 3D printed pieces and there you have it: Fishy Fish is swimming in your bathtub.  Fits over almost every wine cork.  Cork Pals are toys that utilize 3D printing and recycling. Use a wine cork to...

Cork, Cork Pals
Citroën 3CV

Citroën 3CV

Citroën 3cv
Bukobot v2 STL Files

Bukobot v2 STL Files ------------------------ Frame - bottom vertex   Frame - top vertices (pair)   X end   Y carriage - cable guide   Y end clamp

Bukobot v2