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Rhombus Nut M8

Rhombus Nut, more files/formats here:

Bolt, Engineering, m8 Industrial, Mechanical, Nut, Rhombus
Wolf mechanical robot

One of old complex projects, more files/formats here:


You can download all parts from here:

3d, Game, Printing, Puzzle, Tangram
Cap opener

Handy cap opener, more files/formats here:

3d, Cap, Household, Opener, Printing
Hexagon slotted nut DIN 935 M8

DIN 935 M8 nut, more files/formats here:

Chess board

Chess board, more free files/formats here:

3d, Board, Chess, Game, Printing
Jeep CJ7 toy

Jeep toy, more files/formats here:

3d, 3dfindit, Car, Jeep, Printing, Toy, Vehicle
Monarch butterfly

More FREE formats/files here:

DIN 13 bolt

Bolt DIN 13, more files/formats here:


Oil funnel adjusted for motorcycles, more files here:

Hexagonal Gripper M8

More free 3D models here:

Bolt, Din, Engineering, Industrial, m8, Mechanical, Screw
M10 DIN 467 bolt

More free 3D parts/bolts here:

Bolt DIN 1587

Bolt DIN 1587, more free 3D bolts here:

3d, Bolt, Bolts, Din, Engineering, Mechanical, Mechanics, Printing, Standard
LED numeric display

More files/formats here: 3D FREE DOWNLOAD

Hockey goal

More free 3D models here:

Cookie cutters!!!

Free cookie cutters for Christmas!

Snowman with configurator

Create your own original Snowman by using configurator: Free download

3d, Christmas, Configurator, Holidays, Snowman
Nose aspirator

More info and files here:

Lamp shade

Click on globe/Resource link to get more files

3d, Hexagon, Lamp, Lampshade, Printing, Shade
Business card belt holder

Business card belt holder (meetings, presentations) FREE DOWNLOAD

Coffee holder

Useable holder for hot coffee or tea, more files here: FREE DOWNLOAD

3d, Coffee, Cup, Cups, Holder, Household, Kitchen, Printing

Simple funnel 3D model, more files here:

3d, Freedownload, Funnel, Household, Kitchen, Printing