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#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test

#3DBenchy is a 3D model specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It is a small recognizable object that you can download for free, make and share.   Please visit for more information.   VIDEO:   ...

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Impossible 3D-printed bolt and nut

The "Impossible bolt and nut" is an amusing 3D-printable two-part assembly with a working thread, where a nut is trapped on a bolt. The single STL file contains the nut placed at a slight distance from the bolt's head. The gap between both is sized to create a "skipped" layer thus making a...

Bolt, Gap, Nut, Screw, Toy, Trapped
Universal stand-alone filament spool holder

A fully 3D-printable rotating stand for filament spools, designed to be easily made without the need for fasteners such as screws, nuts, shafts, glue, etc. Every single component in this spool holder comes right from your 3D printer's filament. The spool holder's spindle is shaped to fit the...

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