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About Us

This site is dedicated to being a source for 3d printer help, printable 3d object files, and much more, with a focus on the open source 3d community.

Libre3D Group

Libre3D is being developed by a small yet growing team of 3D printing enthusiasts. Our objectives are to support Open Source 3D printing development from around the world.

Contributing to Libre3D

We desire 100% Free & Open Source ideas. For members we desire those who will increase the beauty of this resource to the Open Source 3D printing community.

We have Open Sourced our 3D File Renderer so that anyone in the community can make use of the library in their own site, to help with rendering 3d images for STL and other formats. The project is open to pull requests so anyone can contribute!

Libre3D Members & Founders

Jonathan Foote

Jonathan Foote, Operations and Development

Jonathan joined the project early on as the developer and to help with more technical aspects of running the site. He does a lot of the tech work behind the scenes at libre3d.com in his spare time, and now handles day to day operations. He is also owner of LiLo Consulting LLC that offers software development and consulting services.

Joshua M. Pearce

Joshua M. Pearce, Open Hardware Professor and Researcher

Areas of Interest: Open-source 3D printing, Recyclebot (waste plastic recycling to 3D filament), Low-Cost Metal 3D printing, Distributed Manufacturing, Ethical Filament, Open-source Lab Equipment, etc. Currently teaching at Michigan Tech University.

Libre3D operates under LiLo Consulting LLC, and we are dedicated to keeping the site free and open source.